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Looking for premium spray painting solutions? Southside Coatings is proud to tend to a wide range of customers from kitchen and cabinet makers to joinery specialists and shop fitters. Our customers choose to work with us for our consistent quality 2 Pac projects, delivering on time and managing customer expectations at all times. You are not just a job to us, you are our 2 Pac industry partner, your success is our success.


Southside Coatings provides High Quality 2 Pac Spray Painting finishes for Kitchens and Cabinet Makers. Are you looking for a 2 Pac spray painting specialist to give your kitchen renovation or installation projects a high quality edge? Look no further, give us a call today to discuss your resurfacing needs.


Southside Coatings works with Shop Fitters bringing Highest Quality Finishes to complex Shop Fitting Installations. 2 Pac is the most cost effective choice for Shop Fitting professionals. South Side Coatings is looking to welcome new industry partnerships to deliver quality outcomes at affordable rates.


South Side Coating is providing durable 2 Pac Coatings for all Types of Signage Solutions. Call us today to discuss your signage needs and find out what our 2 Pac solutions can do for you.


South Side Coatings specialises in Spray Painting finishes for house refacing projects of any kind. Call South Side Coating to find out what our 2 Pac painting services can do to make your home look as new

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At Southside Coatings we provide 2 Pac spray painting finishes for a variety of customers in the Brisbane area. We are based in the Logan area specializing in 2 Pac for kitchens and vanities. Southside Coatings also provides services to shop fitters as well as creating signage and metal fabrication. We can provide quality spray finishes for any needs.


Why choose 2 Pac finishes for Kitchens and Vanities?

2 Pac paint is superior to traditional finishes in a number of ways. Due to the resistance of 2Pac to both chemicals as well as solvents it is ideally suited for kitchen and cabinet surfaces. In addition 2 Pack provides very high abrasion resistance and general durability making it ideally suited for coating finishes in industrial environments, for painting vehicles and of course to bring perfect spray painted finishes to kitchens and cabinets which will last many years.

It provides superior qualities in regards to chipping, weathering and scratching. 2 Pac is simply the toughest choice spray paint which can be applied in your kitchen. And 2 Pac provides that shining finish look of a freshly polished car. In fact 2 Pac originates from the car industry but was adopted by kitchen and vanity makers seeking the high gleam finish only 2 Pac spray painting can provide. However 2 Pac can not only provide shiny finishes but textured as well as smooth finishes to suit your kitchen preference.

We are happy to provide advice on the correct 2 pack epoxy paint product for your project, please contact us and we will be able to specify the best spray painting coat based on your project needs.

Saving money with 2 Pac Spray Painting on Kitchen Renovations

One of the biggest financial advantages of 2 Pac applied in kitchen renovations is that 2 Pac spray painting finishes can save you from replacing panels, doors and the like as your old door or kitchen cabinet will once again look like new.

This is the case because 2 Pac Spray painting applications allow us to apply a much thicker coating as opposed to traditional “1 Pack” painting solutions. This way it is easy to build up a layer fixing old bruises and making old look like new.

At Southside Coatings we enjoy the process of turning old into a brand new look and feel and we are convinced 2 Pac is the right choice for any kitchen or vanities:

– 2 Pac does not dull over time, it does not weather or peel

– 2 Pac is not impacted by sunlight or chemical exposure

– 2 Pac finishes are extremely easy to clean and keep clean

Southside Coating provides 2 Pac Spray Finishes to Brisbane based kitchen designers and cabinet makers enabling their new and renovation customer projects with our quality 2 Pac finishes.

What does 2 Pac spray painting mean?

As opposed to the majority of other paints being solvent based, 2 Pac spray painting finishes are based on a resin and a hardener. The 2 Pac Acrylic Enamel resin is a mix of acrylic paint and melamine and the hardener being a polyisocyanate resin. It is this hardener resin which creates a high strength paint surface ideally suited to kitchens and cabinets.

Once the two components of 2 Pac are mixed, a chemical reaction is initiated which causes the paint to harden. Due to this chemical process only the smallest amount of solvent is needed in the mix which means there is very little evaporation of paint materials once it has been applied using spraying equipment. Regular paint on the other hand contains a high percentage of thinners which leads to big evaporating during the curing process and dull colour results. With 2 Pac only a fraction of the paint evaporates as it hardens resulting in much more vibrant colour outcomes.

2 Pac dries much slower than traditional finishes, therefore they must be applied in an environment kept completely dust free. The application of 2 Pac is undertaken by qualified professionals wearing protective equipment due to the toxicity of the application process.

How is 2 Pac different from other painting solutions?

2 Pac Polyurethane paint is different to most other paints both in its application and its chemistry. Most fundamentally 2 Pac paint does not dry but rather hardens due to a chemical reaction upon mixing its 2 components. This is quite different from “normal” paint which dries by way of evaporation of its volatile components.

How are 2 Pac finishings cost effective?

For one thing, 2 Pac Spray Painting Finishes last a lot longer than traditional paint, making your project cost effective in the long term. In addtion, the more labour intensive approach required by acrylic paints outweighs any price advantage the acrylic paint itself may bring.

The bottom line is that 2 Pac is more cost effective in most situations. 2 Pac is most suitable for your kitchen and cabinet needs.

Custom Quotes for 2 Pac Spray painting Finishes

South Side Coating is happy to provide custom quotes for your specific 2 Pac spray painting requirements. Based in Logan in Souther Queensland we welcome customers at our shop for a discussion on your custom quote or you can simply call us to discuss your needs.

All our quotations are free of charge. Working with kitchen and cabinett makers we can provide 2 Pac solutions for most needs.